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Dash Dash Go!

Jump and dash your way through different words with this casual platformer!
Explore different levels and unlock new appearances for your character. Simple one touch gameplay to play everywhere. Great for quick and long sessions with intuative game mechanics.

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  • The Simple Car Positioning System (SCPS) is a system that helps the user to easily create a racing game and set up a track in no time. It has easy to use Waypoint creation system and an even easier to use system to handle the positioning and sorting of the cars in a race.

    • Simple to use Car positioning system
    • System for Lap counting
    • Waypoint system to save time trying to set up waypoints
    • Works with all car controllers
    • Modular and easy to edit and implement for your game
    • Fully commented code to make it easier to understand and edit
    • Written in C#


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